Club Culture – MC Skibadee – The Source

Who is Skibadee?

The No1 Drum and Bass MC Worldwide

Like Brighton?

Brighton is pretty cool. It’s represented DnB for the minute. Definitely one of the DnB centres in the UK.

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Aqualung – The Argus

Ethereal popsters, Aqualung and Bic Runga, are inviting you to a romantic and atmospheric performance, this Sunday at St George’s Church. Aqualung produce delicate classical pop, songs that soar with frustrated desire and melt with mournful desperation. Originally from Southampton, Matt Hales began composing music at 4, won a music scholarship at 16, wrote his first symphony at the age of 17, which he then conducted to a 60-piece orchestra. A prodigious talent, Matt completed his training at London City University.
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The Marvericks – The Argus

Just want to dance the night away? Here’s your chance with carefree country rockers The Mavericks.

Bouncing back with their platinum-selling Trampoline they will be serenading Brighton with a selection of sunshine swing and Latino melodies. After what bassist Robert Reynolds describes as: “more of a break than a break up,” the group return for a full UK tour.

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Brighton Across The Globe – Brighton & Hove Life

Strange though it may seem, Brighton is not the only Brighton in the world. Despite its inimitable uniqueness and unparalleled pre-eminence, many centuries of colonization, conquest and exploration have created over 48 communities, known as Brighton. Join Life, as we take you on a whistle stop tour of some of the most exciting places around the world called Brighton.
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Seaside Treasures – Brighton & Hove Life

Considered by many to be a city for the young, Brighton is also a city steeped in a proud and glorious past. Traditionally, Brighton has always attracted originality and innovation, from the entrepreneurs who generated Britain’s first electric railway to artisans who engineered the first pleasure promenade, the chain pier, Brighton began life as it meant to go on. Strolling through the city, Life takes you on a journey through the history of Brighton, through the patrons and patriots that make Brighton the vibrant and cosmopolitan city it is today.fire_jug
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