Club Culture – MC Skibadee – The Source

Who is Skibadee?

The No1 Drum and Bass MC Worldwide

Like Brighton?

Brighton is pretty cool. It’s represented DnB for the minute. Definitely one of the DnB centres in the UK.


My style has influences from the world of dancehall, Hip-hop and soul. What I do is try to use these influences to come up with my own unique style. Also the heavy riddims in DnB allows me to come up with different patterns.

Favourite tune?

Couldn’t name one. I basically love all good music and the best music always stands the test of time.
Any new collaborations to be dealt with?

Look out for stuff with me and Shy FX – I’m also working on some rap stuff with Fusion, but look out for my young protégé – Durrty Doogz.

Where do you think drum and bass is going? Moving more into a trance style, garage?

I see it going full cycle personally. First it might start off a bit mellow then start getting a bit harder. That’s how it’s always gone.