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Sindrome The Gloucester – Tuesdays

Tuesday is The Gloucester’s fright night for Brighton darklings. Death metallers with spikes and hardcore tats – quite nice people actually, and Goths – surprisingly chirpy. There’s a sweeping esplanade to testify the merits of metal, a balcony for a birds eye view of the stomping and pogoing, and a huge bar mirror to check if you really are one of the ‘beautiful people’ (geddit?!). Whether you wanna mosh, or just look miserable in the corner with your snakebite, there’s loads of gruff stuff to appeal to everyone’s dark-side. From techy and industrial Prodigy, the self-hating beauty of NIN, to the grand rock ballads of Guns‘n’Roses and angrrry anger of Sepultura, It’s a cheap and cheerful night, which is well worth a look if you’re into rock. A night to let your hair down, head bang, and… well…erm, whip people with it.. owch!

Meltdown The Beach – Friday 19th

The Beach’s class night for the drum and bass masseeeeve, meltdown has been double dropping p-p-phatt beats for 5 years now. A night of serious dancing, dark and hard, it has a nice homogenous mix of everyone, from trendies, townies, gurners and just those out for a good time. Beginning with quite a large que (get there early) the night totally kicks off when you get in. From start to finish the crowd is worked into a steady ebb and flow of build up and crescendo, where, until you know it – its three o’clock and finished. (Still, there’s always the stop-outs getting stoned on the beach.) Expect to have various dance offs with random mash ups and nice, chilled, conversations with those sweaty betties in the chill out area. Although the drinks are a bit steep and you usually have to bring you’re ID, this has to be one of Brighton’s best drum and bass nights….sorted!

Action-A-go-go – Friday 12th

Friday’s the night for swinging chicks and nonchalant mods at Brighton institute – The Joint. A cosy little underground club with a laid back and intimate atmosphere, The Joint has that certain something that just epitomizes cool. You know you’ve ‘arrived’ as you descend the spiral staircase and know you’re in the know, as you chat to the hipsters of Brighton. Sip your g ‘n’ t to the sounds of the glitter-ball chic, or just chill out in your two-tone tonics and desert boots. Action A-go-go’s will be kicking and clicking into action every second Friday of the month. The Joint’s flagship night, it has a large and loyal following of groovy girls and bohemian boys, who help create a personal and private vibe. Jump and jive to the best in sixties garage and northern soul, or shake down and freak out to the best in Boogaloo. And now with The Joint café now open till three, there’s more time to drink Italian coffee and smoke liquorish roll ups… nice.

Every Day People The Escape – Saturdays

For those who like their house, be it deep and hard, funky and vocal here’s a safe, sweet night at The Escape. A definite no attitude night, the bouncers are friendly and the people even more so. Class gezzers and fit birds give the night a sexy urban feel, the hard working guys and gals of Brighton, who come to have a drink, a dance and a laugh. The plush red interior and ceramic floor create a swish upmarket environment, while the video screens downstairs, a nice visual backdrop to the banging /slash/ pumpin’ house. Not as commercial as superclub house nights at the Event II and Creation (innit), the house has a US edge, often played by some of the best house DJs in the world. Drawbacks are that it can tend to get a bit over-crowed towards the end of the night, but alas, such is the price of popularity.

Club new york 70’s 80’s 90’s To Present

Like your nights cheesy? Here’s a girly night that literally reeks. Not that that’s a bad thing of course. Rammed full of girls in short skirts, doing the two-step shuffle around their Louis Vuitton handbags, it’s all good fun – as long as you’re not looking for something too serious. The tunes move from disco classics such as The Village People, The Bee-Gees to modern chart pop, like Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. The night has a cheery, jokey feel and the lack of men, well, it does something strange to the women….