Mark Thomas – The Insight

Campaigning comedy must be a strange business. Torture, arms dealing and globalization are not usually full of laughs. Mark Thomas’ comedy is combination of political activism and investigative journalism; tangled tales of cover-up and conspiracy at break neck speed and mental breakdown stylee. Growing up as the son of a lay preacher and the grandson of a Baptist preacher, Thomas came naturally to the soapbox. He won a scholarship to Christ’s Hospital public school and then went on to study drama at Bretton Hall, before getting political with a benefit gig for the miners’ strike. He now performs standup around the UK and regularly has a column in the New Statesman. I thought I’d catch a brief word with Thomas, before he hopped on a plane to his latest fact finding mission to India.

Are you a capitalist or socialist?


Are you working or middle class?

I was working class, but my family didn’t like it, became middle class. There are more c**ts around being middle class but the food is better.

Do we destroy the system from the inside or end up becoming part of the system?

No you can’t and yes you do.

What would you say to the cynical and apathetic?

Keep it up.

When was the last time you had a McDonalds?

Some Morris dancers and myself went to dance in front of their in-store cameras and claim the footage back under the Data Protection Act – so about four years ago.

How would you like to see society organised in the future?


Is it getting better or getting worse?

Things can only get better. Get better. Get better. Things can only get. Things can only get. And with that, Thomas is running out the door to catch his plane.