Reginald D Hunter – The Insight

Billed as the “Samuel L. Jackson of stand-up” trite comparisons don’t do this man justice. Reginald D Hunter flips the script on racial preconceptions and what it means to be a black man in a white world. His show ‘White Woman’ takes a compelling look at the race and sex divide and if his wit is anything as sharp as his intellect, it’s sure to be very funny night indeed.

How would you describe your show?

Honest, sexual, funny, tense and exploratory.

Why are you a comedian?

It seems the best way to explore ideas and since I’m not suited by character or training, it is the best way to pursue them.

What’s the difference between a great comedian and a good comedian?

A good comedian is funny. A great comedian is funny and something else.

Do you think white people have a different sense of humour to black people? Do you get the same reaction from a black / white audience?

It depends on which white and which black people one is referring to. If you’re talking about white middle class people and black working class people there can be differences. If you’re talking about white middle class people and black middle class people then no.

Do you think you are controversial?

That would depend on the listener. There are those people who don’t find me controversial at all. They appreciate exposure to ideas and people that are foreign to them and there are those who do not wish to know anything different from what they already know. These people are most often the ones who find me controversial.